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Providing Driving Lessons to Joondalup and the Northern Coastal Suburbs

Qualified instructors providing effective driving tuition.

  • Pass First Time - 92% Success
  • Discount Packages from $50 per lesson
  • Police & Government Accreditation
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About Joondalup Driving Academy

Why Choose Joondalup Driving Academy?

Based in Perth's Northern Suburbs, Joondalup Driving Academy prides itself on providing high quality driving tuition.

Whatever your level of expertise, we can provide tailored Manual or Automatic lessons to suit your individual needs.

Our instructors do their best to promote a calm driving environment and are equiped with the necessary knowledge, patience and experience needed for effective driving tuition.

We will not only prepare you in the best possible way to pass your driving test, but we will equip you with the skills and good driving habits that will last a lifetime.

Our aim with every student is to produce a safe driver who is confident in their own ability and courteous to other road users.

Our pass rate speaks for itself - almost 100%. Whilst other driving schools often spend a lot of time (and your money) in general driving from A to B, our main focus is to get you to pass the test with the least number of lessons. Our business thrives on referrals – that means less expense for you and greater success.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Please note that we require a minimum of 24 hrs notice for cancellation or re-scheduling of appointments, otherwise, you will be liable for the full cost of the lesson. This is a standard practice with most driving schools.

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Qualified instructors providing effective driving tuition

What Does it Cost?


The cost for a standard 45 minute lesson is $55.

Some driving schools do lessons on the cheap. It sounds attractive to save a few dollars on each lesson but this is definitely more expensive in the long run.

Comments made by students that have transferred from other schools confirm that they have learnt very little even after 10 -12 lessons. Their knowledge of safe driving skills is barely adequate and nowhere near the advanced standard and capabilities of Joondalup Driving Academy students. Students from other schools often come over with a sense of disappointment and frustration from having failed the test several times. They seem unclear concerning the requirements and standards that constitute safe driving. Their self esteem is low and their confidence has been damaged.

At Joondalup Driving Academy we have a special rebuilding process. With our professional teaching methods we can remedy the situation quickly, but it remains a disappointment to many students when they discover that they have spent so much time and money on lessons with other schools only to find that they have been left with significant gaps in their knowledge.

Wouldn’t it be better to get it right first time?

Is it cheaper to have 20 lessons at $50 each or 12 lessons at $55 each? With the first option the learner has saved $5 per lesson (Wow!) but spent a total of $ 1000. With Joondalup Driving Academy the learner pays the going rate of an extra $5 per lesson but the total outlay is only $660. That’s a saving of $340!

Ultimately, it’s not the cost per lesson but the number of lessons. Underlying all this is the hidden cost of not becoming a safe driver and having an accident in the first six months. This isn’t rocket science but many overlook this simple logic.

Is it really cheaper to use cut price lessons and fail the test several times as compared to passing on your first go? What impact does failing have on your confidence? These are the real questions.

Discount Package:

If you are able to prepay we offer a discount package on a one time only basis i.e. the first five lessons for $250.

That amounts to only $50 per lesson.


We will equip you with the skills and good driving habits that will last a lifetime


How much does each driving lesson cost?

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How many lessons does it take to pass the driving examination?

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What is the recommended frequency for lessons?

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Our aim with every student is to produce a safe driver who is confident in their own ability and courteous to other road users

Areas We Service

We service Joondalup and the northern suburbs. Please check your suburb. If it is not listed then unfortunately we do not have an Instructor in your area.

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Gift Vouchers

Parents, do you dream of one day being relieved of your taxi duties? If so this could be your lucky break .....

Gift vouchers make an ideal Birthday, Christmas or other present. While providing thoughtful and useful gifts they are also very popular because they serve to kick start the learning process. Initiative and motivation are sometimes in short supply amongst the couch potatoes of the “Y generation".

Not only will you obtain freedom from your unpaid job, but as a bonus you will also save money on the lessons. As these lesson rates are based on costs which applied in the 'good old days' when petrol was around $1.00 a litre we can only offer them on a one time only basis.

A pack of 5 lessons costs $250. The vouchers come with a 3 month expiry date. The lessons can be conducted only in the areas that we service.

Please complete the form right.

Gift Vouchers &
Discount Package

How much does each driving lesson cost?

Each lesson is $55 for three-quarters of an hour. We find that lessons in excess of this duration are counterproductive. Concentration levels drop significantly after 35 minutes and the ability to absorb and apply useful information is correspondingly reduced. 45 minutes seems to be the optimum teaching time.


How many lessons does it take to pass the driving examination?

It varies from student to student, but please be assured that we have the patience and commitment to get you driving competently in the shortest time possible. A realistic target is between 10 - 12 lessons.

Some experienced learners can achieve the standard with a fewer number of lessons – say 5-6, but this is outside the norm. Bear in mind that some learners with considerable road time can also have picked up bad habits. Sometimes it takes 2-3 lessons to unlearn and fix the problems.

We encourage students to practice as much as possible with friends and family but it works against you when you are practicing the wrong things. The best way to save money is to come to us BEFORE you learn with other supervisors.


What is the recommended frequency for lessons?

A beginner should aim for two lessons a week and in order to acquire the basic skills more quickly through regular practice. You are then better equipped to learn the more complex skills and knowledge in later lessons. Our aim is to quickly bring you up to the level where you can save money by supplementing lessons with supervised practice with parents or family members.

It’s ok to cut down to one lesson per week as your knowledge, skills and experience improves. But, if you start on one lesson per week you can expect a slow rate of progress and finish up taking even more lessons than you otherwise would.